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Swimming pool maintenance for beginners

Summer has officially started and the swimming season has opened. More and more people are choosing to transform their garden into a true swimming paradise. The ultimate entertainment for children but also you can relax in your own pool. Anyway, you want to enjoy your pool and its clean swimming water for as long as possible. Thorough swimming pool maintenance is essential for an enjoyable swimming experience. In this blog, we provide tips for beginners. How can you best maintain your pool?

Proper maintenance of your pool starts by using the right water and the place of where your swimming pool is located. Is your swimming pool placed under a big tree? Then you will need to grab the scoob net more often to clear your pool of leaves. The same goes for the type of surface. Is there a large tarp under the pool? Then there will be less grass in the pool than if the bottom is in direct contact with the grass.

Go for tap water

The use of the appropriate water is the first step to a well-maintained swimming pool. Always fill your pool with tap water. Groundwater can cause problems, since it contains a lot of calcium and iron and the acidity is different. Maintenance products also perform better when filling your swimming pool with tap water. The amount of chlorine you use depends on the hardness of the water. For soft water, we recommend you use inorganic chlorine. Organic chlorine can be used for all types of water and is next to that easier in usage.

Buy the right products/equipment

Did you recently become the proud owner of a new swimming pool? Most probably, you still need to buy various accessories for your swimming pool. A must-have for clean pool water is a filter pump. It ensures that your pool water is pumped around and thus filtered. To remove coarse dirt, we recommend purchasing a scoop net, brush or vacuum cleaner. Next to this, there is another way to ensure your swimming pool water stays clean, namely by using chlorine. This way you disinfect the pool water and prevent bacteria from living in your pool water.

The solution

In order to keep your pool water clean, you can also choose to cover your pool with a pool cover or pool dome. The SunnyTent is perfect for this. This pool tent will as well protect the material of the outdoor pool and thus extends the lifespan. Furthermore, the SunnyTent not only maintains your water temperature, but it will even heat the water. Curious about the other benefits of the SunnyTent? Discover more here!

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