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Spring 2017: new models

The original SunnyTent

The SunnyTent has been a great success in recent years. A real “hit”. Always having a warm and clean swimming pool, that makes our customers happy. The idea that our invention gives endless pleasure to kids and their parents makes us very happy. When we launched the SunnyTent there were 2 sizes in the range: a round M and a round L. They proved to equally popular.

A larger pool dome

However, we soon discovered that there was also a clear need for larger and different tent models. The emergence of larger and often elongated swimming pools plays a major role in this. That is why we are introducing no less than 3 new models this spring (2017), from the end of March! We have one new round size: XL. This has a diameter of approximately 6.40 m on the ground and a top height of 3.20 m. This makes it extremely suitable for the larger round swimming pools. In addition, we have 2 models of oval / elongated SunnyTents in our range: the Oval M and the Oval L.With our new models we can now make even more people happy!

SunnyTent Oval new model

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