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Should you cover a pool or not?

Should you cover a pool? It’s a question many people ask when they own a pool. There are different opinions on this topic but covering a pool can have numerous benefits. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why you should cover a pool, when it is best to do so, and the best ways to cover a pool.

Why covering a pool is recommended

Covering a pool has several benefits worth considering. First, a pool cover keeps the water clean. It prevents leaves, branches, insects and other debris from entering the pool. As a result, you need to spend less time and energy cleaning and maintaining the pool. In addition, a cover also prevents evaporation of water, so you don’t have to refill water as often. This can save a significant amount of water, especially during dry periods.

Another benefit of covering a pool is heat conservation. A pool cover helps to retain the heat absorbed into the water by the sun. This is particularly relevant during slightly colder days or during the night, when the temperature can drop. By keeping the water warm, you can swim comfortably for longer and avoid having to use energy-consuming heating methods, such as a heat pump. This can save significantly on energy costs and contribute to a more sustainable pool experience.

In addition, covering a pool can make the water up to 10 degrees warmer than if it were not covered. A cover allows you to extend the swimming season from spring through fall, allowing you to have more fun in your pool throughout the year. It also allows you to swim in the evening when temperatures normally drop. So, with a good pool cover, you don’t have to worry about the weather conditions and you can enjoy a refreshing swim at any time.

Furthermore, a pool cover protects your pool from all kinds of weather. Rain and hail can harm both the water and the structure of the pool.

By using a cover, you prevent these elements from coming into direct contact with the water and pool materials. This extends the life of your pool and saves on repair and maintenance costs in the long run.

When is the best time to cover a pool?

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits of covering a pool, it’s time to discuss when it’s best to do so. It is generally recommended that you cover a pool when it is not in use. This means you can cover the pool during the night, when you do not plan to swim, and when you are away for longer periods of time, such as during vacations. At these times, covering the pool is especially important to maximize the benefits mentioned above, such as maintaining heat, preventing dirt build-up and protecting it from the weather.

The best way to cover a pool

There are several options available, including pool covers, shutters, floating covers and pool enclosures. One of the popular and effective choices is the SunnyTent, a pool dome designed specifically to maximize the benefits of covering a pool.

Differences between a cover and a SunnyTent

Purchase price
When you buy a pool, a cover is often included. If it is not, this isn’t a problem. Covers often cost between £20 and £85, so it’s not that big of a purchase. The SunnyTent on the other hand is not included with your pool. You must buy it separately. This is a lot more expensive than a cover.

In terms of purchase price, a cover is the best option. However, price is not the only feature you should consider when making a choice.

Temperature of the swimming water
One of the reasons you purchase a pool cover is to maintain the temperature of your swimming water. Or even raising it. The insulating effect of a cover preserves the heat of your pool. It also heats the swimming water. However, the difference is minimal because a tarp covers only the top of the pool. A SunnyTent on the other hand covers the entire pool. As a result, you lose less heat to the side of your pool. The horticultural film, of which the SunnyTent is made, makes the air inside the SunnyTent to become very warm. This causes the temperature of your swimming water to rise as soon as the sun comes out.

The SunnyTent is definitely the best option for heating your swimming water.

Keeping your pool clean
A pool cover is often purchased to prevent debris from entering the pool. This way you don’t have to clean your pool as often and use as many chemicals. Although a cover prevents dirt from entering swimming water directly, it often still enters the water as soon as you remove the cover from your pool. The advantage of a cover is therefore negligible in this respect. The round pool dome from SunnyTent stands around the pool. When you open it and remove the cover with it, dirt falls behind the tent instead of into the pool. For larger pools, we also offer the oval pool cover.

Therefore, if you want to keep your pool clean, it is best to choose a SunnyTent.

Additional advantages
In addition to the already discussed advantages of a SunnyTent as a pool enclosure, there are other reasons to choose this product. When you open one a third of the pool dome, you can enjoy swimming even when it is windy. In this way, the SunnyTent serves as a windbreak*. The SunnyTent Round Size M and SunnyTent Round Size L can also be left up all year round if you use a Cross-Pole Set. This eliminates the need to store your pool in winter. You can dive straight into your pool as soon as the weather turns nice.

Furthermore, it is delivered within 3-5 business days, so you can enjoy its benefits quickly. It is easy to install, so you don’t need professional help to set it up. In addition, SunnyTent offers a standard 2-year warranty on all pool enclosures.

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