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Save water with the pool dome from SunnyTent

How often do you need to change the water in your pool?

The general advice is to replace your swimming pool water at least once a year. With an above ground pool that happens anyway when you re-install it in spring. An in-ground / built-in swimming pool is usually partially emptied when it is made winter-ready. The water is then partially refreshed in the spring.

Special circumstances

Under certain circumstances it is necessary to replace or top up the water more often. During the hot summer days, a lot of water evaporates and a lot of water is lost by children playing / splashing. A lot of dirt can enter the pool, so it can be also difficult to keep the water clean. These circumstances dictate that the swimming pool water may have to be changed once or more even during the season.

Save water with a pool dome

By properly covering the swimming pool, the water needs to be changed less often. The SunnyTent pool dome protects the pool against dirt from outside (leaves, bird poop, etc.). Although the water is heated by the SunnyTent, you lose less water through evaporation. The evaporated water remains within the pool cover and therefore less water evaporates from the pool. These advantages ensure that the water often no longer needs to be changed during the season. This means saving a lot of water as well as protecting the environment and saving money.

Leave your pool outside over winter with the SunnyTent

The SunnyTent can remain in place all year round. That brings an additional advantage: your pool does not have to be refilled in the spring! The water stays clean for longer due to the swimming pool roof. For example, the inventor of the SunnyTent has used the same water for three seasons. Of course, he also keeps a close eye on the pH and chlorine values and has a good pump installation, but the SunnyTent ensures that no dirt enters the pool.

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