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Save money with the SunnyTent pool tent

Nothing is more annoying than swimming in cold water, between leaves and blades of grass. Do you also catch leaves with a fishing net every day? Or does the swimming water get warm, but costs too much? The SunnyTent swimming pool dome is the solution!

What is the SunnyTent?

The SunnyTent is a pool tent that heats the water naturally. This happens at the first rays of sunlight and daylight. So you don’t have to pay any energy costs for hot water. The SunnyTent heats the water and air so that the pool water cools down less. The water in a SunnyTent can be up to 10°C higher than without a SunnyTent. This means that from spring to autumn you can swim in the ideal pool temperature. In addition to saving money, you also save water with the SunnyTent. Water evaporates less quickly inside the SunnyTent because it retains heat. Read more about how the SunnyTent works.

Saving water with the SunnyTent pool dome

Don’t know whether you need a round pool dome or an oval pool tent? Check our size chart or contact us. Also, read what our customers say about us and the SunnyTent.

Do you want your children to enjoy playing outside in the pool? It is possible with the SunnyTent. Save money and water with the SunnyTent!

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