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Tips for maintaining your pool

You buy an outdoor pool with the idea that you can enjoy it for years to come. Rightly so! Proper maintenance is important to maximize the lifespan. Take a look at our tips for maintaining your pool so that both the pool and the pool water will last for a long time. Nothing is more frustrating than having to swim in cloudy, dirty swimming water with a pungent odour.

Treat your pool with care

First of all, we will share a number of practical tips to optimize the lifespan of your above ground pool. We recommend entering the outdoor pool via the steps/ladder. Do not climb over the edges as this can lead to wear. The same applies to sitting on the edge of the pool. People aren’t the only ones who enjoy a cooling dip on warmer summer days. Many dogs also like to cool off in the summer and may seek out your pool water. We do not recommend allowing a dog or other pets to swim in your above ground pool. The pool can be damaged. In addition, drinking excessive amounts of chlorinated pool water can cause gastrointestinal irritation in dogs.

Always buy filters and accessories for pool maintenance

A requirement for clean pool water is a filter pump. In some cases, a pool filter pump is included with the original purchase. This ensures that the pool water is pumped around evenly and thus filtered. How long it takes for the water to fully circulate depends, of course on the size of the outdoor pool. In most cases you can count on 3 to 6 hours. A swimming pool filter pump also works in combination with chlorine. As the pump disposes of the dirt, chlorine kills any bacteria present in the water.

Use accessories such as landing nets, brushes and vacuum cleaners to keep the tub clean

Pool filters are important for keeping pool water clean, but you can’t let a filter pump do all the work. Coarser dirt such as stone, pebbles, insects and leaves can be removed with a net. We recommend cleaning the bottom of an inflatable pool and the edges with a pool vacuum cleaner.

Use chlorine

The swimming water is a vital component for swimming fun. In addition to the above points, there is another way to ensure that your pool water remains clean, namely by using chlorine. With chlorine, you disinfect the swimming pool water and prevent bacteria from thriving in your swimming water. This saves hours in pool maintenance. More information about the use of chlorine and chlorine tablets can be found here.

The right spot

The location of your pool is a determining factor in the maintenance of a pool. Is your swimming pool under a large tree? If so, then you will have to use the landing net more often to keep the pool leaf-free, and the chlorine will need to be added more often. The same also applies to the type of surface you place the pool on. Is there a large tarpaulin under the pool? If so, then fewer blades of grass will get into the pool than if the pool sits directly on the grass.

Cover the pool when you are not using it.

The most important tip we would like to give you is to cover your pool with a pool cover or pool dome when you are not using it. This saves you maintenance time. This prevents dirt such as leaves and insects from entering the water. A pool tent also protects the materials of the outdoor pool, which in turn, extends the lifespan. The SunnyTent can be used perfectly for this. The advantage of this pool dome is that it is collapsible. In addition, the SunnyTent not only maintains your water temperature, but it will even heat water.

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