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How to keep pool water clean without chemicals

Swimming in clean water is a must, so keeping your pool clean is very important. This involves not only removing leaves and grass, but also removing and avoiding invisible dirt such as bacteria. Usually, chlorine is used to keep a pool clean. But it is also possible to keep your pool clean without chemicals. Learn how to keep your pool clean without chemicals in this blog.

Before you take a dip

Before you go swimming, it’s good to rinse off your feet or take a quick shower. This will wash off body lotion, sun block and body oils. It also makes your feet cleaner and keeps bacteria in the pool water to a minimum.

Filter pump

The filter pump is a must have for clean water. This pump keeps the water in your pool moving, so it stays fresher. In stagnant water, algae, bacteria and moulds get the chance to develop faster. Besides keeping the water moving, the filter pump ensures that even the smallest dirt is filtered out of the water. Nevertheless, disinfectants are still necessary when using a filter pump.

Disinfectant powder

You don’t have a swimming pool pump and you want to refresh the water in a sustainable way? Then there is a disinfectant without chlorine, KiddyPool. This product is especially meant for above-ground pools without a pump. Sprinkle the powder in the water and when it has dissolved you can start swimming immediately! The water stays clean for up to 2 weeks and we recommend changing the water after a maximum of 14 days.

Clean your pool water with salt

How do I clean my pool with salt, I hear you thinking. An alternative to chlorine is salt electrolysis, which converts pool salt to chloride without chemicals. To disinfect swimming water with salt, you need an electrolysis device. Salt is sodium chloride and this device separates the two substances by applying a small amount of current to the water. The chloride kills all the bacteria in the pool water, making it clear and healthy again. Then both substances come together again and the process repeats itself. A big advantage is that you add the pool salt once, at the beginning of the swimming season, and the salt electrolysis does its job. A disadvantage is that it is a considerable investment.

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