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A swimming pool in your garden? Go for it!

Do you sometimes dream of swimming laps in your backyard and cooling off in the summer after a long day at work? Then a swimming pool in your garden is for you. After reading this blog, you will need that swimming pool! Below you will discover the benefits of pool ownership. Whether you have a small or large garden, there is a swimming pool that will work for you!

Backyard training

Are you struggling to drag yourself to the gym a couple of times a week? It is easier to keep moving with a swimming pool in your garden. A half an hour spent swimming laps burns more than 300 calories. Bonus! Prefer ball sports? How about a game of volleyball in your pool?

The ultimate entertainment for your kids

Entertaining your kids for the six-week summer holiday can sometimes be quite a challenge. A swimming pool in the garden provides endless fun. A summer day flies by. No more packing up bags of stuff to go the local swimming pool. It’s also a healthy, responsible way to keep your kids entertained, less screen time.

An instant holiday feeling

You no longer have to go to the French coast to enjoy sun, water and tranquility. Packing stress, airport queues and endless traffic jams are a thing of the past for you. Your vacation starts the moment you step into your backyard. The ideal moment to read that book that has been sitting on the shelf for years. Do you want to cool down? You can take a refreshing dip just steps from your back door. A swimming pool in the garden guarantees a relaxing summer.

Enjoy your swimming pool longer with the SunnyTent

Is the summer too short for you? With the SunnyTent you can extend the swimming season. This pool enclosure means you cover your pool, so that the water stays warm and clean. The sun’s rays provide heat so that you do not have to use extra energy. From spring to autumn, you can enjoy swimming water at a pleasant, comfortable temperature.

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