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New: the Cross pole set!

At SunnyTent we are trying to constantly improve our product, so that you, as our customer, can enjoy your SunnyTent for longer. That is how the idea of the cross pole set came about.

The SunnyTent Round XL in the wind

Due to its large size, the SunnyTent XL is sensitive to wind. As a result, it could only be installed at virtually wind-free locations. This has always been clearly indicated in our webshop. But we wanted to improve this.

A lot more stable with the cross pole set

The idea of a cross pole set was born. By letting one or two pole sets cross the other pole sets, the SunnyTent gets additional support on all sides. Now that the cross pole set is included as standard with the SunnyTent XL, it is a lot more stable and wind resistant.

A size smaller?

After this proved to be such a success, we also produced the cross pole set for the SunnyTent Round M & L. Although these tents are more robust by themselves, a cross pole set provides even more stability. This makes these tents even more suitable for windy / open places and use over the winter months. (see also the usage guidelines).

Curious about this new product? Discover the cross pole set in our webshop.

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