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Make a difference with a SunnyTent!

Swimming under a high-quality pool dome made in Europe? It is possible with the swimming pool domes from SunnyTent! Together with Etan Trampolines, SunnyTent has its factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where all its products are manufactured. Having this factory in Bosnia, SunnyTent strives for a better future for its employees and for sustainability. SunnyTent is therefore proud to announce that the factory has been awarded the ‘Excellent production location’ certificate.

Excellent production facility certificate

SunnyTent’s factory has been declared excellent production facility in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the 3rd year in a row. With an A+, SunnyTent belongs to the small group of companies with the best rating in Bosnia and Herzegovina within the production sector. Moreover, SunnyTent complies with all criteria and is at the absolute top of creditworthiness. All the more reason to go for a SunnyTent pool dome!

Why a factory in Europe?

SunnyTent’s desire to implement short-term product innovations and to create qualitative working and living conditions for employees was great. By establishing SunnyTent’s own factory, jobs were created that included Dutch social aspects. For example, the employees in the factory work normal hours, have secure salaries, receive holidays and holiday allowance, and have the opportunity to grow through education.

In addition to the social aspect, SunnyTent also focuses on sustainability and European production. The pool domes are made of solely European materials and according to European standards. This does not only result in higher quality SunnyTents, but also a longer life span. In this way, SunnyTent aims to prevent mass consumption in the industry and to shift the focus to quality products.

From a trampoline to a SunnyTent

Meanwhile, the production site has grown considerably. In the beginning, the factory only produced certain trampoline components, but it soon became possible to produce other components because training opportunities were offered to the employees. From there, SunnyTents and complete trampolines were produced. A new SunnyTent is designed at the office in the Netherlands and, in cooperation with colleagues in Bosnia, the swimming pool dome is further innovated and extensively tested. SunnyTent is currently innovating a part of the SunnyTent dome, making the product more sturdy and appealing.

Will you make the difference together with SunnyTent?

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