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How often should you filter your pool?

You can only really enjoy your pool in the garden if your pool is clean. Regularly filtering your pool will keep the water clear. But how often is this necessary? And for how long do you have to filter your pool per day? You can find the answers to these questions and more in this blog.

The right pool filter pump

First, it is important to purchase the right pool pump. Make sure that the entire content of your pool can be filtered by the pool pump within a few hours.

Filter your pool twice a day

Our advice is to have your swimming pool completely filtered at least twice a day. How much water is there in your pool? The capacity of your filter pump determines how long it takes for all your pool water to be filtered. On average, it takes 2.5 hours, which means that your pool filter must be on for at least 5 hours a day. Try to use the pool filter pump for a maximum of 10 hours a day, otherwise you will shorten the life of your pump.

When do you turn on your pool pump?

We recommend filtering your pool during the hottest hours of the day. Then the chance of algae growth is greatest. However, you may want to use your swimming pool in the afternoon. If you cannot filter your pool during the hottest hours, we recommend that you turn on your pool filter pump before and after swimming. Then let your pump run a little longer to prevent algae growth. Fancy a dip in the morning? Then turn on the pump between swims, so you can sneak in a few hours. We recommend that you do not filter your pool when you are swimming.

Filter your pool in different weather conditions

The higher the outside temperature, the greater the chance of algae growth. That is why you have to filter your pool for longer when the outside temperature is higher than 30 ° C. We recommend that you run your pool filter pump for at least 8 hours a day. In autumn it is often too cold for algae. This means you don’t have to filter your pool in the winter to control algae growth. While your pool won’t get dirty from swimming, a lot of leaves can end up in your pool if you don’t cover it properly. A good swimming pool cover, such as the SunnyTent, prevents this. Then your filter pump can remain off all winter.

Extra tips for keeping your pool clean

  • Put your chemicals in the pool at night to prevent the sun from breaking down the chlorine.
  • Test the pH balance of your pool regularly.
  • With a good pool cover, you prevent dirt from entering your pool. This means you will have to use your pool filter pump and chemicals less often.
  • Do you use pool heating? Then filter your pool more often. As mentioned earlier, heat promotes algae growth

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