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Heating your swimming pool water cheaply? This is how!

The first rays of the sun have reached us and it is gradually getting a bit warmer. Maybe you don’t immediately think about swimming in your garden or in the open air. By reading this blog, you can easily extend the swimming season. There are several options for increasing the water temperature of your swimming pool. Unfortunately, some ways are very expensive and not very sustainable. Here we will share some tips to heat your pool cheaply. Splashing in cold water is sometimes wonderfully refreshing and cooling, but on slightly cooler days or in the spring, a little warmer pool water is nice. You can heat a swimming pool in several ways.

  • Heat pump

One of the most popular heating methods is heating the swimming water with a heat pump. Outdoor air is converted into heat. The heat is then transferred to the swimming water via a spiral. Unfortunately, heating does not really happen as quickly as you might imagine. Heat pumps are slow heaters, so when starting up in the spring you have to take into account 7 days heating time to get the water from 15 ° C to 28 ° C. In addition, this way of heating your swimming pool water is a considerable investment and can cause noise pollution.

  • Solar mats

Another way to heat your pool, without noise nuisance, is by means of solar mats. The swimming pool water is heated through the pipes that are located in the solar mats. Unfortunately, solar mats depend on the weather. Without sun, the mats will give off too little heat to the pool water. This heating method is also expensive.

  • Solar collectors

Solar collectors work the same way as solar mats. The sun heats the water that flows through the solar collectors. The shape is just a lot different, and they take up less space.

  • SunnyTent

The cheapest and most sustainable way to heat your swimming pool is with the SunnyTent! The SunnyTent traps the heat inside so that the water is heated. An extra advantage of the SunnyTent is that your swimming pool is also kept clean. Furthermore, you can leave your pool standing all year round because the pool dome covers and protects your pool.

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