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How to heat an above ground pool

How do I heat my above ground pool is a question that is often asked. There are many ways to heat your above-ground pool, but which way is best, most cost-effective, and most sustainable? Here you can read more about which pool heating suits you.

You can go for a sustainable and environmentally friendly way by heating your above ground pool using solar energy. Perhaps you have solar panels on your roof and you can use them to generate heat for your pool. If you don’t have solar panels, you can opt for solar mats and solar collectors. Another popular option is the heat pump. This pool pump extracts heat from the outside air. The pool water is pumped through the heat pump and this way the water is heated.

How to heat an above ground pool: the SunnyTent

But what if you have an above ground pool? How do you heat an above ground pool? The disadvantage of an above ground pool is that it loses heat to the sides of the pool. So it is actually contradictory, you heat the pool water, but meanwhile, it also cools down because heat escapes through the sides. The SunnyTent is your solution! The SunnyTent is a swimming pool tent that surrounds your pool. The water is heated by daylight and sunlight. As the pool dome surrounds your pool, the entire pool is heated and the warm air stays inside the SunnyTent. This way, the water can only get warmer.

With the SunnyTent you can heat your above ground pool up to 10 degrees more. This means that you can enjoy warmer water from spring to autumn without incurring energy costs. In addition, the swimming water stays clean of leaves and other dirt. Please note that you need to use chlorine to control the invisible dirt. So check the pH values of your pool regularly.

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