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Everything you need for a successful pool party

Organising a children’s party in your own back garden? Some people prefer to do it themselves, but this can take weeks of preparations. Others prefer to outsource and leave the organising to some else. Below you find a number of tips to make a children’s party a success.

A party by the pool, what more could a child want? Water can provide the ultimate entertainment for children. It is important that you check in advance that children have or need a swimming certificate. If you have the time, facilities and space to set up a swimming pool in the garden yourself, then go for it!

With the SunnyTent you can make the swimming fun last even longer and it is possible to organise a pool party outside from May to October. This pool dome heats up the water considerably. The pool tent is surprisingly effective. You are not bound to the summer, because the swimming pool water does not only need to be heated by the sun, it also uses the outside air temperature. In addition to warm water, the pool dome ensures that the water remains clean.

Sometimes the children themselves know enough games to play in the pool. However, it may be helpful to have some ideas in mind. On the other hand, it is also nice to organise a game day and to set up several games in and around the pool. Ultimately, a winner will emerge. One of the most famous water games is of course bottle football. With a ball, the children have to try to knock over each other’s bottles. Guaranteed fun!

Everyone knows the skipper game. But did you also know that you can play this game in the pool? For this game the children need some strength. One child is the skipper and the other children have to swim across without being tagged. This is extra challenging because they have to move as the skipper decides. Another way to ensure water fun is sponge stitching. This game is a variation on the regular tag. One of the children is the ticker and has to tap other children with a wet sponge in his or her hand. When the ticker touches someone with the wet sponge, wet the sponge again and the next one goes after the kids. A lesser-known game is whistle diving. Lower a plastic whistle to the bottom of the pool. Have everyone dive from the side, the first one who can pick up the whistle and whistle is the winner.

A water slide also provides fun. With a piece of tarpaulin, water and soap you can make this easy. Let the children slide on this improvised slide with a small run-up. You can also use inflatable tires or add a game. Children should have a cup of water in hand. The team that brings the most water from one side to the other is the winner.

With these above games your swimming party in the garden will be one big party! We wish you much success and pleasure with the preparations.

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