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Enjoy your Jacuzzi all winter long!

There is nothing better than relaxing in your outdoor Jacuzzi during cold days. The SunnyTent ensures that the water stays warm longer, and protects your jacuzzi against unpleasant weather conditions. In addition, the canopy helps you to keep your jacuzzi clean. However, it is important that you take a number of steps to ensure that your jacuzzi will survive the winter. Continuous maintenance is necessary.

The water stays warm longer

Hot water is the single most important ingredient for a jacuzzi. In winter it is difficult to keep the temperature warm enough. Continuously heating your jacuzzi in the garden requires a lot of expensive energy. A jacuzzi roof retains the heat. For example, the SunnyTent reduces power consumption and is one of the most crucial jacuzzi accessories.

A canopy protects your jacuzzi from adverse weather.

Jacuzzi maintenance can be time consuming and annoying, but is necessary if you want to be able to use your spa for a long time. An outdoor jacuzzi has to deal with harsh weather conditions in winter. By placing a canopy over it, you protect your jacuzzi against such inclement weather. An additional advantage is that your jacuzzi tent is protected from rain and wind.
An extra tip: make sure your jacuzzi tent is big enough to dress and dry yourself in. That saves a chilly sprint indoors in the cold.

The SunnyTent keeps your jacuzzi clean

A jacuzzi roof ensures that your spa stays clean on the inside and outside. A jacuzzi cover has the function to keep the water clean, but the SunnyTent goes a step further. This covering keeps the outside dirt, such as sand and natural waste, outside. This means you don’t have to clean your jacuzzi as often.

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