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Discover the benefits of the SunnyTent as a cover for your jacuzzi

Voordelen van de SunnyTent als overkapping voor je jacuzzi
The SunnyTent is often used as a swimming pool dome, but did you know that it can also be used as a cover for your jacuzzi / hot tub? Enjoy all the benefits of placing a SunnyTent over your jacuzzi.

Lower energy costs

Warming up a jacuzzi uses a lot of energy. You can lower these energy costs by installing a jacuzzi / hot tub cover. The SunnyTent uses the horticultural greenhouse principle; the water is heated by direct and indirect sunlight. With the tent, this heat is also better retained, so you need less energy to get the jacuzzi up to, and remain at your ideal temperature.

Clean water because of the jacuzzi / hot tub cover

Thanks to the SunnyTent, the water in your jacuzzi / hot tub will remain free of leaves, bird droppings and other dirt. As a result, the water in the jacuzzi will only rarely need to be cleaned and regular water changes will be no longer necessary. This reduces environmental impact and also saves you money on water costs, chlorine and pH enhancers. Some SunnyTent users use their jacuzzi / hot tub all year round and only replace the water once every two to four years!

Enjoy your jacuzzi / hot tub in the garden, even when it rains

The SunnyTent can be used in 3 ways. In hot weather, the jacuzzi cover can be opened completely, allowing you to enjoy the sun as you relax in your tub. The SunnyTent can also be partially opened, serving as a rain and wind protector so you can even enjoy your whirlpool in the rain. Because the air under the SunnyTent is heated, the temperature under the tent is also very pleasant in winter. A tip: allow some extra space under the jacuzzi / hot tub tent so that you can dry yourself “inside” before going out into the cold again.

Determine the right size SunnyTent for your jacuzzi / hot tub

The SunnyTent is available in 5 different sizes. Discover which size fits your jacuzzi using our size chart.

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