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Covering your swimming pool: should you choose a SunnyTent or a pool cover?

Covering your swimming pool has several benefits. The pool water stays clean, less chemicals vaporise and the warmth of the pool water is retained. However, what is the best way to cover your swimming pool? In this blog, we compare two options, a pool cover and the SunnyTent.

Pool cover

The first possible way to cover the pool is a tarpaulin. This pool cover can be made of bubble wrap of another insulating material. Often you place a cover on the pool water, but there are also variants that you can stretch around the edge of the pool.


The SunnyTent also can be used as a pool cover. It is made from a special foil that is also used in horticulture. As a result, it works like a greenhouse. You can place the pool tent over your entire swimming pool.

The differences

Purchase price

When buying a swimming pool, a pool cover is many times included. If this is not the case, this is no problem. Pool covers often cost between £18 and £85, not a huge purchase. The SunnyTent, on the other hand, is not included with your swimming pool. You need to purchase this separately. The prices of the different sizes range from £439 to £749. This is a lot more expensive than a pool cover.

Only looking at the purchase price, a pool cover is the best choice. However, this is not the sole difference to take into account.

Temperature of the pool water

One of the reasons why you purchase a cover for your pool is to maintain the temperature of the water. Or even to increase the water. Due to the insulating effect of a pool cover, the warmth of your swimming pool is retained. It also heats the pool water. Nevertheless, the difference is minimal, because a pool cover only covers the top of the swimming pool. A SunnyTent, on the other side, covers the entire swimming pool. Through this you lose less warmth at the sides of your pool. The horticulture foil, of which the SunnyTent is made, ensures that the air inside the SunnyTent gets very warm. As a result, the water temperature rises whenever the sun is shining.

The SunnyTent is the best option for heating your pool water.

Keeping your swimming pool clean

Often a pool cover is purchased to prevent dirt from getting into the pool. This way, you don’t have to clean your pool as often and use as many chemicals. Although a cover prevents dirt from entering directly into the pool water, it frequently enters the water as soon as you take the cover off. The advantage of a tarpaulin is therefore negligible in this respect. The round pool dome from SunnyTent surrounds the pool. When opening the cover and with it removing the cover, the dirt falls behind the tent instead of in the swimming pool. For larger pools, we also offer an oval pool enclosure.

If you want to keep your swimming pool clean, it is best to choose a SunnyTent,

Extra advantages

The SunnyTent has a few more extra advantages compared to a tarpaulin. When opening the SunnyTent for one-third, you can even enjoy swimming when it is windy. Hence, the SunnyTent also serves as a windscreen. The SunnyTent Round size M and SunnyTent Round size L can also be left in place all year round if you use our cross pole set. This means that you no longer need to store your pool in the winter. By doing this, you can dive into your pool as soon as the weather turns nice.

The end result

When looking at the different features of the two possible pool covers, SunnyTent comes out on top. So order yours today!

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