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Common mistakes when installing the SunnyTent

Two people can easily install the SunnyTent when they work together. Our new installation videos, explain step by step how to set up your SunnyTent so it works perfectly! (so, watch it in detail!). However, we regularly see mistakes being made. Here are some extra tips to prevent this.

1. Do not lay out the tent foil in direct sun

All SunnyTent foils are coated with an anti-condensation layer. This layer ensures that condensation does not build up on the pool tent, making it cloudy. When a (reasonably) new tent foil is piled up in the sun, the anti-condensation coating can melt. This allows the layers of tent foil to stick together, which could cause it to tear when it is later unfolded or pulled open. So, during installation make sure that the foil is always in the shade.

2. The hinge anchors inside out

Every year we see several photos from customers where the hinge anchors are installed the wrong way around. This makes the SunnyTent less stable and the pole sets can break. So, make sure you place the hinge anchors correctly. The black rotating block should be on the outside of the SunnyTent, not on the inside. The image below shows the correct installation.

Common mistakes when installing the SunnyTent-1

3. The nuts of the hinge anchors are too loose

If the hinge blocks are too loose on the hinge anchors (or on the corner brackets if you have a hard-surface set), the tent will have a little too much room to move from side to side. You must then tighten the nuts (the hinge block is on the hinge anchor / the corner bracket) with, for example, a spanner. Do not overtighten the nut, so the hinge block can no longer rotate during opening and closing of the SunnyTent. This can cause damage. The hinge block must still be able to rotate.

4. The opening side of the pool dome

When the SunnyTent is partly open, the wind can easily get underneath it. To ensure that the open SunnyTent is not damaged by the wind, it is important that the opening side is placed on the side less exposed to wind. This significantly reduces the risk.

5. Do not pull the pole sets

The pole sets consist of different pole parts. When you pull the pole sets, these parts can separate. It is then very difficult to remove them from the pole tunnels and put them together again. So, make sure that you always push the pole sets forward instead of pulling them back.

6. Pulling up the SunnyTent

When the pole sets are on the hinge anchors, you can then pull up / close the pool dome. As you can see in the video, two people should do this. Each person takes the top pole tunnel on his / her side of the SunnyTent and together pull up the tent. This is the correct way to close the SunnyTent. A common mistake is that the SunnyTent is pulled up using the guy line (s). This can damage the SunnyTent. Always close the SunnyTent with two people without pulling on the guy line(s).

7. The SunnyTent is tilted

The SunnyTent is closed and ready to be secured. It is important that it is upright to ensure the stability of the SunnyTent. Shake the pool tent well so that the foil is well distributed over the poles. Then start securing the SunnyTent with the twist pegs. After placing each twist peg, check whether the tent is still upright. The image below shows how the SunnyTent should be. If necessary, move the twist peg (s) a little to the left or right to get the tent upright.

Common mistakes when installing the SunnyTent-2

8. Open the SunnyTent by ⅓

Half opening the SunnyTent is another common mistake. When the SunnyTent is half open, it is less stable and the tent catches a lot of wind. This can damage the SunnyTent. If you want to partially open the tent, you should open it to ⅓. This will allow you to easily get in and out of the pool and the SunnyTent remains stable.

9. Mark the pegs

Another extra tip. Do you want to open the SunnyTent (partially)? Then mark the twist pegs with the locking pegs. This makes them stand out and you prevent someone from bumping into them.

Watch our installation video to avoid these errors

What size is your SunnyTent? Find your correct installation video below.

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