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Cloudy pool water? Causes & solutions

A cloudy pool is not only attractive but can also be a sign of unhealthy water conditions. Fortunately, there are several solutions available to tackle this problem and make your pool water clear and inviting again.

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Cloudy pool water: the causes & solutions

Cloudy or milky pool water can have several causes. It is important to identify the cause before applying an appropriate solution:

  1. Balancing water chemistry: One of the most common causes of cloudy pool water is improper water chemistry. Test the pH and chlorine levels of your pool water and adjust them according to recommended levels. Properly balanced water chemistry prevents particles from binding, creating a type of slime that causes turbidity.
  2. Remove coarse debris: Before taking further steps, remove all visible debris from the water surface using a scoop net. This will prevent dirt from stressing the filter and making the situation worse.
  3. Filter maintenance: A clogged or inefficient filter can lead to turbidity. Check the filter and clean or replace it if necessary. Regular filter maintenance helps remove contaminants from the water effectively.
  4. Algae control: Excessive algae can make the water cloudy. Use an algaecide according to the recommended dosage to reduce algae and prevent it from developing further.
  5. Chlorine shock: If chlorine levels are too low, the water may become cloudy. Perform a chlorine shock to quickly increase chlorine levels and remove contaminants. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  6. Remove fine dirt: If there is fine dirt or sediment on the bottom, use a pool hoover to suck it up. Vacuum the entire bottom carefully and pay attention to any accumulations of dirt.
  7. Improve water circulation: Good water circulation is essential to evenly distribute and filter contaminants from the water. Make sure the pump and filter work correctly and optimize water flow.
  8. Use flocculant: Flocculant is a chemical that binds small particles in the water and makes them clump together into larger clusters, making them easier to remove via vacuuming or filtration.
  9. Prevent organic contamination: Make sure organic material, such as leaves and grass, does not end up in the pool. A good cover and regular removal of organic debris help prevent turbidity.

SunnyTent: The ultimate solution to prevent milky pool water

In addition to traditional pool maintenance methods, there is an innovative solution that helps reduce both maintenance on your pool as well as cloudy pool water: the SunnyTent. This pool tent is designed to keep your pool water clear and clean while offering other benefits:

Water quality and temperature: The SunnyTent acts as a protective cover that keeps dirt and contaminants out. This keeps your pool water cleaner and maintains its quality. Moreover, the tent can make the water up to 10 degrees warmer, allowing you to enjoy your pool for longer.

Season extension: With the SunnyTent, you can extend the swimming season from spring to autumn. This means you have more time to enjoy your pool without depending on strict summer weather.

Weather protection: The SunnyTent protects your pool from various weather conditions, such as rain, leaves, and dirt. This reduces the maintenance needed to keep your pool clean.

Energy and cost savings: With the SunnyTent, there is less heat loss, so you don’t have to rely on a heat pump to keep the water warm and at the right temperature. This results in lower energy costs and long-term savings.

Easy installation and warranty: The SunnyTent is easy to install and does not require any complicated construction work. It comes with a standard 2-year warranty.


Maintaining a swimming pool requires attention, dedication, and the right knowledge. Cloudy or milky pool water can be a source of concern, but with the right steps and supplies, this problem can be solved. By following regular water checks, chlorination, filter maintenance, and other important steps, you can keep your pool clear and inviting again.


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