7 tips to heat up your swimming pool

4 May 2018

The weather can be unpredictable. One day warm and sunny, the next, dull and overcast, or worse! This can be tricky for you as a pool owner. You want the best possible conditions to enjoy your swimming pool all summer long. You want warm water, right? So how do you make sure that you can […]

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7 tips for keeping your Intex swimming pool clean

22 March 2018

If you are a pool owner, then you know that good maintenance is vital. But, people often underestimate what is required to keep the water clean and safe. We have gathered together 7 tips to make this job a little easier, from methods of regulating the pH level to automatic cleaning. Not all tips apply […]

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Spring 2017: New models

14 February 2017

Since its launch, the SunnyTent has been a great success. A real “hit” with customers. We are very proud of this, and that success drives us forward. We began SunnyTent with two sizes: the Round M and the Round L. Both equally successful. But, we discovered a clear need for more diverse and larger models. […]

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SunnyTent “conquers” Europe

12 February 2017

During our first year, SunnyTent was only available through our web shop in The Netherlands and Belgium. Last year we expanded into Germany and Austria. We also now have distributors in Switzerland and Scandinavia. Our aim this year, 2017, is to bring SunnyTent to France and the United Kingdom with our webshops as well. In […]

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We speak your language

1 February 2017

From Spring 2017, we can serve our customers in their own language. Our SunnyTent team is made up of Dutch, English, French and German native speakers. Throughout the season, our customer service team is ready. Days, evenings and weekends! So, if you have a question, just ask!! […]

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