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Attention! Important information!

Damage to a new tent foil

Very occasionally the tent foil of the SunnyTent can be damaged by a combination of the following factors:

  • In hot weather and lots of sunshine;
  • New tent foil (with a “fresh” anti-condensation wax layer on it), so usually only in the first season of use;
  • The tent is fully or partially opened, so that the layers of tent foil, lay folded on top of each other behind the pool, exposed to direct, bright sun.

Under the influence of these factors, the wax melts and can cause the opened layers of foil to stick together. If afterwards when the tent has cooled down and you pull the tent up to close it, the layers of tent foil stick together and the tent foil may become somewhat distorted or malformed and small or larger holes may appear as a result.

What can you do to prevent this damage?

During the installation

Do not place the tent foil in full sun during installation, but always in the shade.

In the first season of use

If the above factors occur, you should shield the tent foil piled up behind the pool from the sun with a tent foil protector. This is available in our webshop. You can also use other very good insulating material (such as thick cardboard or garden furniture cushions). If the sun does not shine directly on this “tent foil pile”, then it is not necessary to protect the foil. It is also advisable to pull the SunnyTent fully upright and close it after use, so that this problem may not arise.

In summary, this is especially true for new tent foils in the first season of use. After the first season of use, this problem will no longer occur.

Thank you for your attention and have fun with your SunnyTent!

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