Applications for the SunnyTent

The SunnyTent can be used for everything! Use the SunnyTent in the summer as a swimming pool tent and in the winter as a trampoline tent. In addition, the SunnyTent keeps the sandbox clean and protects the vegetable garden against cold temperature and birds.
Read more about the different applications of the SunnyTent.

SunnyTent as a swimming pool tent

With the SunnyTent, the water is heated by the sun and the pool tent offers protection against the wind. This allows you to swim in the spring and autumn. In addition, the SunnyTent protects the swimming pool against dirt and general debris from the outside environment, so that the water stays clean longer.

SunnyTent as a trampoline tent

The SunnyTent is the ideal way to cover your in-ground trampoline. This keeps the trampoline clean, dry and protected against wear and tear from the outside environment. In addition, the SunnyTent offers protection against wind and rain, allowing children to use the trampoline throughout the year. And yes, due to the height of the SunnyTent, the kids can just jump in!

SunnyTent as a vegetable garden tent

The SunnyTent is made from horticultural greenhouse foil. This makes the tent very suitable to be used as a vegetable garden greenhouse / vegetable garden cover. With the SunnyTent your vegetable garden is protected all year round.

SunnyTent as a sandbox tent

Tired of keeping your sandbox clean? With the SunnyTent your sandbox stays clean all year round. In addition, children can also play outside when it is windy or raining. You can also leave the sandbox toys in the sandbox, as everything remains nice and dry. A great sandbox cover!

The SunnyTent can do much more!

The SunnyTent can be used for many more purposes. The transparent tent is wind resistant and keeps everything clean and dry. Our customers have told us that they also use the SunnyTent for:

  • canopy swing / rocking tent
  • Jacuzzi / jacuzzi tent / splash tent cover
  • storage of firewood
  • storage of hay and straw for the horses
  • parking for folding trailer / trailer / motorcycle
  • building materials during renovation
  • play and sleeping tent for the children
  • “outside” studio for photography

Tips for a hard surface

The SunnyTent comes with pegs and anchors that must be fixed in the ground. Installation on a paved surface is also possible, but it needs some extra attention. Read more about installation on hard surfaces.