One tent for multiple purposes: For example, in the summer you can place your SunnyTent over your swimming pool and in the winter over your trampoline. Double use for one price! In addition, the SunnyTent is also perfect for keeping your sandpit clean and dry. And what about the vegetable garden? The oval SunnyTent is especially perfect for this.

Click on the images for different applications.


Attention: the SunnyTent comes with pegs and anchors to be fixed in the ground. Securing on a hard surface is possible, but requires some extra attention. Click here for more information about this.

Attention: The SunnyTent is not intended to prevent children, pets, (or other animals) from entering your pool. It may prove to be a deterrent, but this is not its function.

Your special applications – WIN A PRIZE!
The SunnyTent can be used for all kinds of applications. The transparent tent is, after all, wind-resistant and keeps everything clean and dry. Email us your specific application of your SunnyTent. We are very curious.

This is where our customers also use the SunnyTent for:

  • swing canopy / swing roof tent
  • Jacuzzi / hot tub / spa roof tent
  • firewood storage
  • hay and horse scatter storage
  • trailer tent / trailer / motorcycle storage
  • building materials during renovations
  • playing and sleeping tent for children
  • outdoor photography studio